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Hytec – Directional Thrust Boring System

While breaking and repairing the surface is one approach to adding pipes, cables and lines below a driveway, sidewalk or other surface, that method comes with extra labor, cost and challenges. Our customer had a unique challenge to bore a hole under a busy Dubai Road. to work from surface or from pit, and to use this machine to greatly increase his job productivity and decrease the cost of property restoration after the job is completed. Hytec’s machine can provide steerable thrust boring up to 100 meters, designed to install pipes and cables from pit or basement out to the curb stop, or under driveways and road.

Key Features:

• universality of application in all ground conditions.
• easy steerable thrust boring at a distance of up to 100 meters and more with a hydraulic driven rotating.
• powerful traction in compact sizes.
• compact and transportable, modular design.
• maximum deployment time at the facility 30 min.
• does not require highly qualified workers.
• simplicity in operation.

All our hydraulic power units based on the original Honda engines, this is a proven reliable engine with very long service life over the years, quality and performance Hawe hydraulic pumps are of European made, all hydraulic cylinders made according to European standards, we use only high-quality steel for structures, we use the better European welding equipment.

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