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Controlling - Regulating pressure


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With controlling, various oil and gas components are managed. Components such as BOP's, wellhead's and valves that control and regulate the back pressure and flow of liquid from the well. Managing these components prevents the borehole collapse or blow-out. If this happens, there are serious consequences for the environment, property and the lives of the people who work on the drilling installation. Controlling systems operate components that open, close, release pressure and circulate fluids. Resato is your expert for various controlling systems.

Hytec-Wellhead control system front - Type DSTM

Wellhead control system

Hytec-Wellhead control system front - Type DSTM

If you are looking for a robust wellhead control system with a strong capacity for controlling components of an oil and gas well, then the DSTM with its two air driven double acting high pressure pumps and two tanks of 100 litres is the right solution for you. The DSTM is a system that has five hydraulic output control lines (5.000 psi) for controlling a downhole safety valve, a spring returned safety valve, a wire line stuffing box and two BOP’s.

In addition to its strength, the DSTM provides you with extra backup features like an accumulator BOP backup and a manual backup pump. It also has an audible warning air horn that operates whenever the DHSV, MV, WV or air lines fall below their preset pressures. Which benefits reliable and safe working operations in the oil and gas environment.

Single well control system

Hytec-Single well control system without lid side - Type SPP

With the single well control panel SPP you can control a surface or subsurface safety valve. One of the main assets of the SPP is that the system is equipped with an emergency shutdown (ESD). The ESD mode is controlled by a remote pilot valve and will be activated whenever the pilot pressure is too low. Also in case of an air (gas) supply failure the ESD mode is activated.

Another advantage of the SPP is that the system is designed in such a way that you can manually take-over its main features. The SPP has an air driven pump and a specially designed hydraulic three-way valve. Should the air supply fail or drop too low to operate properly, you can completely operate the savety valve manually with the manual device of the air driven pump and the manual override of the hydraulic three-way valve. 

Hytec-Single well control system without lid side - Type SPP
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