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/Repair and Service Representative for Montanhydraulik GmBh


Montanhydraulik supplies safety-relevant components for all-terrain (AT) cranes, in the form of telescopic, boom hoist, and jack cylinders, hydraulic accumulator cylinders, and rotary feed swivels. Single and multi-stage telescopic cylinders with internal oil supply and counter-balance-lock valves, which Montanhydraulik developed specifically for this application, are an example of the company’s know-how.

The demands placed on the various cylinders range from weight optimisation, which requires the use and machining of very thin-walled barrels, to suitability for low temperatures at which cylinders must work reliably and safely

Furthermore, Montanhydraulik develops and produces hydraulic components for mobile harbour cranes and ship cranes, which can be used flexible and which are designed for different applications. Starting with the container handling right up to the container-, bulk material- and general cargo transport.

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