Guide ring & strips

In hydraulic cylinders the most commonly used guides are guide rings and guide strips. They accommodate radial loads of forces acting on the cylinder assembly and guide the rod in the cylinder head as well as the piston in the cylinder bore.

Guide Lubrication

The guide must receive ample lubrication at all times. Rod guides are typically placed inward of both the rod and buffer seal and should be lubricated on assembly with the same medium as used in the system. SKF recommends to place guides not outside of the rod seal, means between the wiper and rod seal. However, in certain conditions, PTFE guides may be used outside the rod seal due to their certain self lubricating properties.

Guide Ring

SKF guide rings are precision machined according to tight tolerance specifications on the radial section of the guide. Therefore, they optimize guide load distribution and limit radial misalignment of components for best seal performance. SKF supplies the following guide rings: WAT rod or piston guide rings RGR rod guide rings PGR piston guide rings All of these precision guide rings are split with an angle cut as standard table 1. Other types and designs or angles of cut are available on request.

Guide Strips

SKF guide strips are made of PTFE as standard and should only be used in light duty applications or when fluid, temperature, friction, or speed do not allow any other material. They are typically used with PTFE sealing systems. At system operating pressures over 200 bar (2 900 psi), contact SKF. Guide strips cut to length Based on the hardware dimensions, SKF can supply guide strips with specified lengths. They are designated according to a system that states the type and design, dynamic diameter, housing groove diameter, housing groove width, type of cut and material.


The demands on reliability are continuously increasing. At the same time, the service conditions are getting tougher to match the development towards higher effectiveness of the hydraulic systems. Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with the operating conditions and parameters, such as operating temperature and pressure, load, speed, and fluid when choosing the most appropriate guide material.

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